About Us

Eco Fuel Saver & Cybersizzle are a website and product which is offered by our family business. We have an express mission and a passion to supply various services and products which all are designed to bring improvements to the planet and those animals and humans that live on her.

Amongst our offerings are:-

Natural Health Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals & Enzymes

Nutritional items (Raw Foods  "Super-foods" Natural Crystal Salt)

Educational CD & DVD's on Health and Many Other Subjects


Following a long career working with Business Information Technology in the Manufacturing, Service, Retail/wholesale & Construction Industry, our founder offers his experience to assist Families and Small Businesses with their PC, Internet, Website and other issues. We also have the help of a very experienced e-commerce, web developer and marketing expert who provides invaluable help so we can give people the support to make the best use of the internet and Information Technology in their work, business or everyday lives. These services are offered for a very reasonable and affordable price.

Media / Video & Audio Editing and talk show production is another area we have been involved with during the last 2-3 years. This also included working with and assisting teams putting out programming relating to controversial subjects and other educational content which is not readily available via the mainstream Radio or TV channels.


In a nutshell our business (mission) is about Ethics, Truth, Preservation of Nature and most of all giving our customers and clients the best possible product and services for a sensible price.

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